Strong product line-up spurs sales for Integrated Air Solutions

Since taking over as MD of Integrated Air Solutions in October 2022, Wayne Jacobs has been building sales focus on the company’s extensive range of ELGi , FS-Elliott and recently secured ABC Compressor ranges.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the compressor industry with some leading international brands, Jacobs recognises the opportunities for the range line-up in just about every industrial sector – from small scale manufacturing and assembly businesses to heavy engineering, railway and allied sectors, agriculture, food and beverage, automotive and process industries.

“Having the renowned ELGi range supplemented by our exclusive distributorship with FS Elliott in the USA means that there isn’t a compressor application that we can’t meet with machines with a world-wide reputation for performance and longevity, proven in our harsh operating conditions” said Jacobs.

ELGi has a complete range of compressed air solutions: oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, high pressure diesel-driven rig compressors, oil-lubricated and compressors and centrifugal compressors, portable compressors, dryers, filters and downstream accessories.

“The ELGi range is ideally suited to our Southern African climate having been tried and tested here for over 25 years in our harsh environment” he said.

The recent signing of a partnership agreement with leading North American air compressor manufacturer, FS-Elliott, has extended Integrated Air Solutions’ capabilities to include the supply of spare parts, service and plant upgrades to the local existing installed base of FS-Elliott centrifugal oil-free compressors.

Pennsylvania-based FS-Elliott is a global leader in the field of centrifugal air compressors with their Polaris® industrial compressed air range offering reliable flow of oil-free air to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 from 900 cfm to 12 000 cfm, and their ground breaking PAP PLUS engineered series flow capabilities of up to 24 500 cfm.

PET market niche

“We’ve also identified promising growth potential in Southern Africa for high pressure oil free compressors used in PET bottle blowing applications and concluded a distributor agreement with ABC Compressors who specialise in this market segment. These Spanish manufactured machines have been providing sales and service in virtually all countries worldwide for more than 80 years” explained Jacobs.

“The well-respected ABC range also has applications outside of the food and beverage sector too, including natural gas, petrochemicals, aerospace, water treatment and biogas industries.”

Rental Division

“Our rental division comprises a range electric and diesel portable compressors to meet the needs of customers who prefer the benefits of renting over purchasing and to support our sales division where we are able to offer our customers reliable temporary solutions while they wait for their existing compressor to be replaced or repaired. “This approach ensures that our customers have the highest up-time, productivity and return on their rental investment.

“Our rental fleet consists of the following units:

  • Electrical compressors from 7.5kW to 250kW with pressures from 7 – 10 bar
  • Diesel compressors from 185cfm to 1 100cfm with pressure ranging from 7 to 10 bar
  • High Pressure diesel compressors – 21 bar with a flow of 1 100cfm

“We service each compressor in-house before the unit leaves on its next hire and offer skilled compressor technicians to support our customers’ service needs on site.

“Our rental options offer fast, flexible, cost- and energy-efficient, and reliable industrial air supply for planned contingencies or that unexpected emergency. Rental is the ideal solution for industrial shutdowns, short term construction and civil works, and annual shutdowns in mines and refineries.

Service, service, service

“No matter how good and reliable a machine is, if the product isn’t well supported with qualified technicians and plentiful spare parts back-up, then its reputation quickly fades. We have invested heavily in ensuring customers have ready access to these services both on site and through our repair and refurbishment centre in Witfield in Boksburg and via our branch in Durban. Strong growth in Western Cape industries dictates that we will soon be opening a sales and service facility in Cape Town to cater for rapidly increasing demand in that region” he concluded.

Cape Business News | April 2023