Centrifugal Air Compressors

PAP Plus Engineered Air Compressors

PAP Plus® centrifugal compressors have been the first choice of plant owners and operators for more than 50 years. Building on a ground-breaking package design (the first in the industry), PAP Plus® centrifugal compressors are both ruggedly simple and highly advanced. Their simplicity means exceptional reliability. Advanced aerodynamics mean stellar performance. And their uniquely accessible components mean inspection, maintenance, and service have never been more efficient or less disruptive, making them easy and economical to own.

Engineered to spec and built to last, thousands of custom-designed PAP Plus compressors are on the job worldwide providing continuous, oil-free air. From providing process air and powering instruments to cleaning pipes to driving pneumatic tools to dozens of other applications, you can count on them to meet critical needs, including the most critical of all—yours.

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Energy Savings Programme

Energy management is the most important factor that impacts the long term cost of ownership for a turbo compressor installation. Simply stated – the more efficient the system the lower the operational cost. Many existing compressor installations can benefit from the advances in turbomachinery technology, system controls and materials of construction since these units were commissioned. Four energy savings modifications that can be installed at your site by our experienced TEAM of technicians.

  • Advanced Aerodynamic Staging
  • REGULUS® Control System
  • Adjustable Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Pulsar™ – Zero Air Loss Drain Valve
Energy Savings Program

Why Centrifugal?

Efficient aerodynamics make centrifugal compressors ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Centrifugal compressors produce pressure by transferring energy from a rotating impeller to the air. Capacity can be controlled by adjusting the inlet guide vanes – Closed to reduce and open to increase flow.

Polaris+ centrifugal compressors feature simple, effective design that outperforms other compressors in delivering trouble-free operation and the lowest cost of ownership. Polaris+ owners enjoy:

  • Certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air for purity that meets exacting standards.
  • Low maintenance with no wearing parts that require regular change-out, the need for periodic and expensive air-end replacement is eliminated.
  • Low-to-no vibration without any special foundation required.
  • Superior control through a variety of regulus controller system options.
  • Excellent reliability over extended periods with minimal maintenance.
Polaris+ Air Compressor Brochure

How Does It Work?

Watch an FS-Elliott centrifugal compressor in action as the air travels through each stage of the process, resulting in a reliable, 100% oil-free air stream to power a variety of industrial applications.

Centrifugal Air Compressors

Aftermarket Solutions

Stainless Steel Diffuser

The standard aluminium diffuser is the material of choice for the vast majority of air compressor applications. However, for unique sites experiencing high concentrations of airborne particulates and corrosive vapours present in the inlet air stream, a stainless steel diffuser can offer unique benefits including improved efficiency and extended run times between planned overhauls.

Axial Displacement Probe

Axial Displacement Probe

FS-Elliott is pleased to offer the installation of an axial displacement probe on any rotor assembly, including one and two-stage rotor assemblies with X-Y radial vibration probes. The axial displacement probe senses movement on the shaft end vertical surface for single stage rotor configurations.

Stainless Steel Diffuser