• Tunnel construction

Air Compressors Engineered for Tunnel Construction

There has been an increase in road construction and maintenance across South Africa to heed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for infrastructure development to drive economic growth and recovery. These efforts comprise numerous projects including improvements [...]

  • Cold weather

A cold weather checklist for compressed air systems

It is vital to plan for weather changes to ensure optimal air compressor performance. When the weather turns colder, you should follow best practices to winterise your compressed air equipment and ensure it will withstand [...]

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Manage your energy for optimum productivity.

Tips to optimise your compressed air system. Energy is the most expensive component of a compressed air system, and while it may seem insignificant, over the lifespan of your system, the energy typically costs several [...]

  • AugWeek

Factors to Consider While Upgrading Your Air Compressors

Air compressors are designed to offer high reliability and higher energy efficiency. With several hours of use, the dynamic components may wear and might need replacement. In certain scenarios, switching to a new machine over [...]

  • ELGi Series

Power Factor Correction

What is the power factor: - The ratio between the active power and the apparent power cos Ǿ is known as the power factor. The line current drawn by induction motors consists of two components, [...]

  • foodsafety

Role of Oil-free Air Compressors in Food Safety

With the growing demand for modernization and mechanization in today’s competitive world, the food industry is under severe pressure to increase productivity with the least human touch points. Since the pandemic unleashed its devastating severity [...]

  • Water-well-drilling-Blog-Images-V2_Blog-2

Using Air Compressors for Water Well Drilling

Water is a precious resource and drinking water, more precious. Humankind needs drinking water today more than ever.   In most places, water is dug out of the earth for drinking. In the olden days, wells [...]

  • Elgi-compressed-air-system_4

Removing contaminants from your compressed air system

The atmospheric air contains moisture, particle contaminants, microorganisms, and gases. When this air gets compressed, the concentration of such particles increases by 6 to 10 times. However, when this atmospheric air gets compressed by an [...]

  • Nov-week-blog

Understanding servicing & maintenance of air compressors

Reasons to buy spares and consumables from certified suppliers   Like any other machine, air compressors need regular maintenance and periodic replacement of parts that get strained with continuous use. By changing the worn-out components in time, you [...]

  • Nov-week

Top 5 ways to reduce your compressed air costs

Best practices for resourceful use and efficient maintenance Air compressors consume significant amounts of energy while fuelling industrial applications. If you take into account all the costs of running a facility, you will realise that [...]

  • CFM-Blog-Images-V2_FB_Blog

Does air compressor CFM refer to intake or output?

CFM vs FAD:  Ever thought about how we conveniently call every photocopier "Xerox" and every portable music player "Walkman"? This is a phenomenon where a non-generic term is more popular than a generic term.  We [...]

  • Importanceofenergyefficiency

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

Many manufacturers know that compressed air is often called the Fourth Utility. After water, electricity, and natural gas, compressed air is equally crucial for manufacturing, and fortunately there are solutions to help improve energy efficiency [...]

  • Oct-week-2-Blog-post_Air-Dryer-V1_Blog

How to select the right air dryer for compressors?

An indispensable utility for your compressed air system   Water vapor in the compressed air needs to be eliminated to prevent damage & corrosion to the compressed air line & your pneumatic tools. The operational expenses [...]

  • elgi-10-tips-for-energy-savings

10 Tips for Compressor Health and Energy Savings

1.Lower the Pressure We all know that working under pressure can be hard. Every additional two pounds of pressure can increase your power consumption by 1%. 2.Save on Cleaning Consider a dedicated low pressure air [...]