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Since its inception in 1943, ABC has focused on providing the most reliable compressors for different sectors and applications.

ABC’s compressors are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Configured with up to 3 pairs of cylinders and up to 6 stages of  compression, the loads on each element are so low that the machine can achieve an exceptionally long service life. Additionally, the horizontally-opposed cylinder arrangement provides a balance of the compressor inertia, nullifying vibrations, and avoiding excessive wear and failures on the
machine parts.

food and beverage

Food and Beverage

ABC has been a pioneer in the supply of compressor sets for the beverage industry.

High pressure compressors for PET bottle blowing and for CO2 recovery in breweries, has long been a
focus for ABC. From the 80s, ABC has supplied more than 2.500 compression units in 120 countries, in
close cooperation with converters, bottlers and engineering companies.


Natural Gas

ABC has more than 200 natural gas compressors in different generation and cogeneration plants. Years of experience, together with its close relationship with leading global machine manufacturers, guarantees optimal compressor configuration to the changing supply conditions of the natural gas, in order to ensure reliable performance of engines and gas turbines.



Gas compressors for all phases of the treatment of crude oil: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of the gases for the petrochemical industry.
ABC has supplied more than 1.000 small and medium size compressor sets worldwide, working closely with well-known engineering  and turn-key construction companies, EPCs and end users.


Water Treatment/Biogas

ABC has manufactured compressor units for multiple sectors: from the treatment of industrial water by oxidation,  processing of biogas from landfills and treatment plants, through to the biomethanization of waste, and the separation of CO2 and H2S from methane.
Compressors for the production of biomethane, natural gas network supply, fermentation and drying of solid residuals.
Transport and treatment of biogas.


Industrial Gas

Compressors for a wide range of industrial gases: nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide.
For over 30 years, ABC has supplied compressors for the separation, transport and storage of air individual gases (by means of PSA or VPSA, membranes or similar), as well as hydrocarbons or natural gas reforming, and syngas treatment.



ABC compressors are used in various aerospace applications from the use in “test trials”, “non-destructive testing”, materials and coatings analysis through to application in wind tunnels.

The main manufacturers of test equipment for aerospace and military sectors around the world: BAUER CT, TESTEK, AVTRON ADVANTAGE rely on the compressors of ABC, to be able to carry out expert test solutions for fuel, lubrication, pneumatic and electromechanical applications in all stages of aircraft development, maintenance and operations.




HORIZON SYNCHRO is born with a mechanical configuration that guarantees the best performance: improving the efficiency of the relationship between consumption and air flow, improving heat transfer and also its stability when compressing. Discover the new range of ABC Compressors conceived from the Horizon soul.

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The HORIZON LP range comes with state-of-the-art technology in the compressor industry, with a perfect volumetric design to get the best energy performances and the longest life cycle in the market. With a wide pressure regulation range between 6 and 20 bar, these compressors are used for multiple industry applications worldwide

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HORIZON High Pressure PET Compressors

The HORIZON range of compressors was conceived with the goal of giving high pressure compressed air to blowing equipment to manufacture PET bottles at 40 barG pressure.

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