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Hydraulic-Powered Methane Dispersion and Dust Suppression System

  • Effective dust suppression and Methane (CH4) dispersion directly at the coal face
  • This dual-inlet medium system atomizes water into a very fine mist, which clings to airborne dust particles and removes them from the air
  • This increases visibility directly at the coal face, improves the health and safety of the equipment operators, and reduces downtime due to dust and CH4 trips
  • German-made rotary screw encapsulated air compressor
  • Very compact and fitted directly onto the Continuous Miner (CM)
  • Mobile compressed air available underground, directly at the coal face
  • No additional auxiliary/offboard hoses required. Everything needed is included onboard the CM
  • Powered using hydraulic capacity off of the CM
  • Easily accessible and easily maintained from the side of the CM, behind protection panels
  • An array of air atomizing nozzles are installed on the cutter frame, above the cutter drum, in a custom-made protection frame
  • Warranty covering hydraulic motor and compressor
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