Customers can now rent compressed air from Integrated Air Solutions’ new air compressor rental division

Integrated Air Solutions, a specialist supplier of an extensive range of high-quality compressed air systems and parts, has expanded its customer service offering with the launch of an industrial air compressor rental division in July 2022.

“This is a great milestone for us,” says newly appointed Managing Director of Integrated Air Solutions, Wayne Jacobs. “As a supplier of an extensive range of innovative, sophisticated and technologically advanced diesel and electric compressed air systems, we are proud to be able to supply these now also as a rental option.”

Thabo Ratau compressor technician (left) & Lymon Phiri storeman & driver ensure timeous delivery & smooth running of rental solutions

“Our vision in investing in a brand new compressor rental fleet,” continues Wayne, “is to provide customers with turnkey solutions to meet their specific compressed air requirements, subsequently assisting them in maximising up-time, productivity and return on their rental investment. Our new rental division will also serve to support our sales business as we can now conveniently offer customers reliable temporary solutions while they wait for their existing compressor to be replaced or repaired.”

Several factors prompted the Integrated Air Solutions team to establish the air compressor rental division. “Over the years we have been noticing a marked shortage of high-quality diesel and electric compressor rentals in the market,” says Rudolf (Rudi) Denton, who heads up the newly established rental division as Rental Sales Manager. “The protracted weak economic climate continues to put pressure on businesses’ ability to invest in capital expenditure. Given the potentially high cost of purchasing compressors, rental presents a more financially viable option. It offers customers fast, reliable, flexible, cost- and energy-efficient industrial air supply for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies and is suitable for industrial and annual shutdowns.”

The new rental division now positions Integrated Air Solutions to offer customers a convenient choice between ownership and user-ship of compressed air. “We tailor our solutions depending on what makes the most logistical and financial sense to our customers, giving those that prefer renting over purchasing the opportunity for immediate availability of equipment without financial outlay. The added benefits include minimum downtime and low running costs,” notes Rudi. “Moreover, renting an air compressor may sometimes be in addition to compressors currently in use, to meet varying compressed air demands.”

Rental Sales Manager Rudolf (Rudi) Denton heads up Integrated Air Solutions newly established rental division

Changing needs of customers can also be better served with a rental air compressor as some of our rental agreements will allow a customer to change equipment as their needs change.” Rudi adds that when considering equipment maintenance costs, most rental agreements also come with support services on the air compressors, offering a further cost saving benefit.

Integrated Air Solutions has smartly matched its rental fleet investment to customers’ needs, focusing on small to large industries needing compressed air solutions – from workshops to factories in sectors including mining, engineering, refineries, construction and civil works, cement, medical and woodwork. The new rental fleet includes electrical compressors from 7.5kw to 250kw and pressures from 7 to 10bar, diesel compressors from 185cfm to 1100cfm with pressure ranging from 7 to 10bar and high-pressure (21bar) diesel compressors with a flow of 1100cfm. Rudi adds that customers also have the option of renting associated components as part of the service.

Integrated Air Solutions is resolute in its commitment to exceeding customer expectations when it comes to after-sales support and rental division customers can expect the same high service standards. “Each compressor is serviced in-house before the unit leaves on its next hire,” stresses Rudi. “Furthermore, our well-trained, highly skilled compressor technicians are there to support customers’ service needs on site 24/7 and we can offer replacement compressors if required to keep our customer’s operation moving. We pride ourselves in offering a maximum 24-hour turnaround time on the repair or replacement of rental units to keep production running seamlessly.”   Regarding future plans for their new rental division, Wayne states, “With the support of ELGi, we are continuously looking into adding new compressors to our fleet to improve our product offering to customers. It is our mandate to continue growing our rental fleet in a bid to offer customers an unparalleled compressed air rental experience.”