Integrated Air Solutions hones after-market offering to optimise customers’ compressed air systems

Integrated Air Solutions, compressed air system specialist and sole distributor of the ELGi, FS Elliott and ABC Compressor ranges as well as AIRCOM piping, support these premium European brands with equally superior OEM after-market service solutions.

Customers all demand the business sustainability trilogy from their air compressors i.e. performance, efficiency and reliability. “Key to equipment longevity and maximum efficiency are service and maintenance during scheduled service intervals by trained technicians using the correct tooling and genuine OEM parts,” asserts Integrated Air Solutions Managing Director, Wayne Jacobs. “Moreover, our technicians have the direct support of the OEM manufacturer. Fault queries, as-built documentation, software, etc., all are available from the manufacturer first hand.”

“Alongside our service, repairs and genuine spare parts offering for all our brands, our end-to-end after-market solutions also include refurbishment and repackaging. With our team of skilled technicians and state-of-the-art workshop, we are able to extend our service, repair and overhaul portfolio to essentially all recognised air compressor brands. The common denominator here being the use of only genuine aftermarket parts and spares.”

Customers need compressed air for a host of different applications which sometimes calls for a customised solution. “In essence, we take the standard machine and repackage it to fit inside the frame or housing according to the shape and specs demanded by a particular application, ensuring minimal disruption for the customer,” notes Wayne. Citing one example, he explains that they successfully rebuilt a 75kW standard machine on a circular platform to fit a customer’s down-the-hole drill rig. “The fact that we are an OEM and a private company, gives us greater flexibility in the tasks that we are able to undertake compared to some other multi-national companies.”

Integrated Air Solutions’ scope of aftermarket services also include element rebuilds, canopy repairs and re-painting of repaired units. “We can add our process-driven way of doing things to our list of capabilities,” says Wayne. He points out that a combination of a well-managed and fully equipped workshop and qualified personnel are fundamental to successful and sustainable aftermarket services. In addition to the recent appointment of a dedicated After-market Manager who is responsible for the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal regions, the company has also employed a Service Administrator whose role is to support technicians and after-market activities and processes at head office in Johannesburg.

Integrated Air Solutions highly recommend service level agreements to their customers on new units for lowest total cost of ownership and complete peace of mind. Alongside all the benefits of boosted plant availability with all the associated financial advantages of increased production, they will also receive an extended warranty for the period of the agreement (with a maximum of 5 years).

“One of the challenges is to ensure that our customers stay assured of the significant benefits of using an OEM to service their equipment,”notes Wayne. “With many alternative service providers available it is key that our customers see the value in dealing with Integrated Air Solutions, from stock and resource availability to extended warranties and everything in between.”

There is a significant installed base of equipment that was supplied at one point or another by the aforementioned OEMs that are represented by Integrated Air Solutions which Wayne says presents a tremendous opportunity for the organisation. “Our first priority is to get all these units back into the fold by engaging with these customers, advising them of the risks associated with using general repairers and the many benefits and value adds of dealing with the OEM, especially when it comes to after-market services.”

With a continued drive to increase this installed base through a focused sales effort, Wayne is confident that Integrated Air Solutions will grow from strength to strength in the coming years. He wraps up: “Our distributors are our valued business partners who extend our reach and service delivery. So, as the company grows, we will be looking at expanding our distributor network across key focus territories.”