Tips to optimise your compressed air system.

Energy is the most expensive component of a compressed air system, and while it may seem insignificant, over the lifespan of your system, the energy typically costs several times that of the purchase price of your compressor.

Hence, one of the first measures you can take to reduce compressed air energy costs is to measure and monitor your energy consumption regularly to optimize usage.

Manage your energy for optimum productivity.

90% of the cost incurred by the customer is energy

Small adjustments can help reduce your operating costs and improve output:

1. Fix leaks

It is estimated that up to 30% of the compressed air usage can be attributed to leaks from the system. If you can hear a leak, you should get it fixed!

However, approximately 80% of the leaks are inaudible, that is where the need for an air audit arises. Besides conducting an air audit, it is also recommended to invest in good piping material. Aluminium is the best option; it is anti-corrosive and durable. Click here to see our aluminium piping range.

Once you have fixed the leaks in the system, make sure that you allocate a team to conduct regular and timely checks. Be proactive and look inside the piping system. A clean, dry pipe indicates good quality air and no corrosion issues.


Manage your energy for optimum productivity.

2. Choosing the right compressor

Bigger is not better for compressed air. Evaluate the needs of your business and the use of compressed air in that application. Inappropriate uses of compressed air will only result in wastage and further energy consumption.

  • Selection of your air compressor as per the demand of your business
  • Do not over size your compressor for future projects, you will end up wasting more power than your capital investment

3. Reduce Pressure

Evaluate your system requirements and use only the necessary amount of pressure. Avoid turning up the pressure to compensate for leaks or drops due to piping problems or clogged filters. Having less pressure in the system also reduces flow from unnoticed air leaks or leaks that cannot be immediately repaired.

The compressor pressure should be set as per that of the equipment pressure requirement. With increase of pressure by 1 bar your compressor consumes 7-8% more energy.

4. Proper maintenance

All industrial machinery run more efficiently when properly maintained. Proper maintenance cuts energy costs by one percent and helps prevent breakdowns that may result in loss of production. Most issues that may arise from time to time are fixable, if caught quickly.

Integrated Air Solutions helps you identify the energy saving opportunities for your compressed air and your organisation. Schedule an AIR AUDIT  for your business with us and make energy a priority to ensure significant gains for your business.