Reasons to buy spares and consumables from certified suppliers  

Like any other machine, air compressors need regular maintenance and periodic replacement of parts that get strained with continuous use. By changing the worn-out components in time, you can ensure optimal functioning and better durability of your unit while also saving time and money on unnecessary repairs. 

While these spare parts are often available in the market, and in many instances even come at attractive price-points, it is critical to procure your air compressor’s components only from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  

Benefits you enjoy when you purchase only genuine parts:  

  • Warranty – for repair, replacement or refund if the part fails to function optimally  
  • High product quality  
  • Longer lifespan  
  • Higher productivity  
  • More energy savings  
  • High reliability  
  • Ease of service and maintenance  

Let’s take a look at the parts that need to be replaced or replenished for the commonly used rotary screw air compressors:

Dust filters and oil separators  

The air & oil filters and the oil separators are critical parts of air compressors as they prevent damage and performance loss caused by dirt in the internal system.  

Dust particles from inlet air can damage your air compressor’s rotors. This can reduce the quantity of compressed air delivered to associated tools, with continuous energy consumption.  

Dust also lowers the lifespan of the air compressor element and the oil separator. When it gets mixed with the oil that lubricates the rotary screw air compressor, the oil becomes impure and less effective.  

Additionally, dust harms the bearings and the bearing housing, negatively impacting the air compressor element and may even lead to element seizure. 

Therefore, it is essential to use only genuine air compressor filters and oil separators when it is time to replace the originally-fitted units. Such filters have strong dirt reduction capabilities. They are devised to endure high operating pressures and fluctuating temperatures while maintaining efficient performance with low power consumption.  

Airline filter cartridge   

If you replace your air compressor’s line filter cartridge with a counterfeit piece, it will reduce the filter’s efficiency and allow dirt particles to enter the air network. This will result in pressure drops and high energy consumption by the compressed air system.  

Using a non-genuine filter cartridge will also result in more frequent replacements or repairs, leading to a higher total lifecycle cost of the air compressor. Hence, always insist on buying genuine airline filters.  

Lubricating oil 

A key consumable in oil-based air compressors, is that the lubricating oil absorbs heat while also safeguarding the unit from dust accumulation and rusting.  

While some users have a notion that ‘any oil’ can be used for lubrication, the fact is that a poor quality oil reduces the durability of an air compressor. If oil greases the system components ineffectively, it can cause the formation of sediment in oil circuits and over the moving parts. Such developments increase the risk of oil oxidation and corrosion of metal parts in the compressed air system. 

Using genuine oil or lubricating fluid offered by your air compressor supplier can ensure effective lubrication, prevent equipment breakdown and derive better performance from your rotary screw air compressor.  

Authentic air compressor oil combines the finest quality of case oil with required amounts of additives that make the product suitable for lubricating an industrial compressed air system.  It is viscous at low temperatures and has high oxidation resistance. 

With a genuine lubricating oil, you will need to top-up less frequently, have lower disposal cost, require less maintenance and face lesser downtime incidents.  

Important points for you to take note: 

Besides procuring spare parts and consumable fluids from OEMs and recognised suppliers, it is also critical to have a proper service kit comprising the hand tools for safe replacement of parts, and for best results, you should get your compressed air system serviced only by experienced repair personnel.  

We offer a range of industrial-grade air compressors for reliable functioning. We also provide bona fide spares that maximise the uptime of your air compressor system and reduce operating costs. To know more about our solutions, please contact our team.