The cost of energy is one of the most significant expenses facing compressed air users and accounts for up to 75% of a compressor’s life-cycle cost. This cost can be reduced by upgrading your FS-Elliott compressor with the following energy savings solutions.

Airend rerates & derates: Rerating an airend offers the ability to increase performance by 30-50% and also increases energy efficiency through changing some of the internal components of the compressor without replacing the entire unit.

Stainless steel diffusers: For unique sites experiencing high concentrations of airborne particulates and corrosive vapors in the inlet air stream, a stainless steel diffuser can offer unique benefits including improved efficiency and extended run times.

Automatic condensate drains: Automatic condensate disposals actuate only as needed by your system, preventing over and under-draining and eliminating wasted compressed air.

Download the Compressed Air Energy Savings Guide to review possible energy efficiency solutions.


Discover potential savings hidden in your compressed air system with AirCompare.

When purchasing an air compressor, it is critical to understand the total equipment life cycle cost to ensure you are selecting the most efficient compressor. Consider the following questions before you purchase a compressor to save time and money in the future:

  How much energy does my current system require to meet demand?

  Would reducing maintenance requirements allow internal resources to be used elsewhere?

  Could a centrifugal compressor offer a solution for cost savings?

AirCompare will give you insight into the potential cost savings hidden in your air compressor system. To get started you will need:

– HP or kW rating of current compressors

– Annual operating hours

– Energy rate (from local energy supplier)


Contributor: FS-ELLIOTT