ELGi has been delivering a comprehensive portfolio of compressed air solutions that meet Class 0, Oil-Free air standards with high uptime for more than 60 years. The AB & OF Series are screw air compressors that deliver oil-free, clean, and contaminant-free compressed air. Our Oil-Free range is engineered to offer contamination-free air, long-term reliability, and increased energy efficiency. 

ELGi’s Oil-Free Air Expert addresses query frequently asked by users from various industries. 

Q1. I am setting up a new pharmaceutical bulk drug manufacturing plant. Which compressor should I select? 

The quality of compressed air is critical in applications where the air comes in direct contact with the end product. It should not contain contaminants like oil particles. One more requirement of the pharma segment is uninterrupted operation. Hence, the most suitable solution will be an Oil-Free screw air compressor which is best suited for continuous duty application and delivers compressed air, free from oil contaminants. 


Q2. How is an Oil-Free compressor different from a lubricated compressor? 

In the lubricated compressor, oil is injected into the compression chamber, also called the Airend, during the compression process. This lubricating oil mixes with air, and this Air-Oil mixture is further treated. 

Whereas in an Oil-Free compressor, during compression, there is no injection of oil into the Airend.  Hence, the compressed air does not contain any traces of oil. 

Additionally, Oil-Free air compressors are also eco-friendly since there is no oil spillage from the compressor drain or oil carryover in compressed air. 


Q3.I have fluctuating airflow demand. How can I reduce my operating cost? 

While some setups have a fixed airflow requirement, many factories might be experiencing fluctuating demand. This situation allows us to reduce our operating costs significantly. 

As a best practice, if your airflow demand is not constant, we recommend installing a VFD-equipped air compressor. If you have a fixed air compressor installed already, you can opt for a Retrofit VFD kit matched to your compressor power, which can help regulate the airflow as per plant requirements and reduce power costs. 


Q4. What are the different cooling methods used in Oil-Free air compressors? 

Electrical energy is converted into thermal energy during the compression process. Cooling systems are designed to maintain the system temperature within acceptable limits. 

ELGi offers Oil-Free air compressors in both Air-cooled & Water-cooled variants. 


Q5. My application is critical. How can I be sure that the compressor delivers Oil-Free air all the time? 

The compression process occurs in the compressor chamber called the Airend. An Airend has two sides, the airside and the oil side, which are completely isolated by air & oil seals, which prevent oil from mixing with air. 

ELGi Airends have an additional safety arrangement, wherein even if the seals, for some reason, malfunction, the oil will go back into the sump and not mix with air. Thereby always guaranteeing 100% Oil-Free compressed air. 


Q6.  What all industries use Oil-Free compressors? 

Specific industries require air that directly contacts the end product or is used for sophisticated machines. The presence of oil traces in such scenarios is highly undesirable. 

ELGi offers 100% Oil-Free compressed air solutions to Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Textile, Automobile, Electronics, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Power, and many more. 


Q7. How does ELGi ensure the high quality of its air compressors? 

Air compressors from ELGi are designed to offer the highest product quality & system reliability to our customers. 

We are one of the very few manufacturers in the world who have their Airend design and build them entirely in-house. 

 Another example of our efforts to go the extra mile is our state-of-the-art foundry set-up to achieve the highest quality in casting. 


Q8. How do I select a suitable air compressor for my application? 

Air compressor selection depends on several factors. A few questions to ask before finalizing one for yourself are – 

– What is the airflow or SCFM required by your pneumatic machines? 

– What is the operating pressure? 

– Does your application need Oil-Free air? 

– Is your airflow demand fluctuating?  

With so many factors to consider, the selection process might seem overwhelming. ELGi offers a wide range of air compressors – Oil-Free and lubricated piston and screw air compressors.  

ELGi’s compressed air experts can help you identify the right solution for your application. We also conduct extensive air audits to map airflow demand accurately to get the most efficient solution. 

Contributor: ELGI