Compressors delivered to cement factory

Compressed air solutions provider Integrated Air Solutions (IAS) has successfully delivered and commissioned two compressors, from air-compressor manufacturer ELGi, to one of South Africa’s largest cement factories.

The order consisted of one ELGi EG-90, 90 kW oil-injected air compressor and an AB series oil-free, 55 kW air compressor for their bag filter cleaning process.

IAS GM Trevor Volker enthuses that the order follows the successful installation of compressors for the same client: “These two compressors will complement three ELGi 315 kW, oil-free compressors that we commissioned almost exactly a year ago.”

The company also supplied two OF450 kW oil-free compressors to a diamond mine, in the Northern Cape, in June last year.

“This supply has cemented IAS’s product offerings, aftersales service and support, and brings with it the possibility of further orders from the client.”

Volker points out that although the AB series is relatively new to the market, it boasts advantages, such as being oil free, which reduces operating costs and particle-per-mass emissions.

The compressors are compact, air-cooled and fitted with stainless steel rotors with coating, which eliminates corrosion.

The rotors, with notable performance, single-stage operation, low operation speed and application-oriented design, lower overall maintenance.

Volker adds that the supply to the diamond mine was the first of the OF series to be sold locally and has since become “quite a popular oil-free option” in the IAS portfolio.

“Not only is the ELGi AB series of compressors cost effective and reliable but it is also considerably more environment-friendly than many other ranges on the market.”

The AB series conforms to Class 0 ISO 8573-2010, and Pure Water international standards 10500-2012.

The Class 0 standards certification ensures that a compressor discharges compressed air free of oil aerosols, oil vapors or oil liquids, while the Pure Water standards refers to acceptable drinking water standards set out by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Volker enthuses that ELGi is not only “carbon-footprint forward” when manufacturing products – its manufacturing facility, in India, has also adopted a “go green” mindset, with by-products, such as steam, used for heating and water reticulation.

He adds the ELGi facility in India has installed mechanical and thermal reclamation units that recover and recycle 96% of the sand being used in its manufacturing process.

Notably the collection of dust generated in the process, including fine sand through custom-made equipment, is then converted into solid bricks, which are sold to underprivileged communities.

Owing to the popularity of the ELGi brand and a good delivery lead time, Volker adds that the group is expanding its sales force and research and development department, with extensive service level agreements offered on all its products.